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Naples is an eclectic blend of stately Baroque architecture, majestic palaces and Italy´s finest food. Who better than a native tour guide to acquaint you with Naples´ quirky recipes, mouth-watering flavours and extraordinary chefs?
Welcome to street food at its best! This guided tour will combine some of Naples breathtaking sites with a dizzying array of authentic food – this tour promises that you will be full by the end of the day!
Bright and early, we begin our tour by stopping for breakfast with 3 pastries and a cappuccino or espresso. This should provide you with enough energy for a very busy day.
We will walk along the main routes of the city as our guide educates us on how a food product was originally made, its history and how it evolved through the years.
A light lunch will be served which will consist of 3 pasta courses and a well-deserved glass of red wine. You will be invited to sample a typical "cuoppo", a Neapolitan-style fried street food, accompanied by a glass of white wine.
We will also explore a Limoncello factory and try one of Southern Italy´s trademark treats. If you´re still fighting hunger, don’t wander too far.
A fresh and scrumptious seafood salad will be served along with the famous Falanghina white wine. Together with sun-dried tomatoes and Naples´very own Mozzarella di Bufala, you will feast on the ultimate Neapolitan dinner.
We end the morning tour on a sweet note with a drizzle of limoncello, meloncello and a rich and creamy homemade ice cream. Do not miss out on this gastronomic tour where you will discover taste buds you didn´t know you had! Buon appetito!

What´s included

- Tour assistance
- Gastronomic walking tour of Naples
- Breakfast including 3 typical pastries
- Espresso or Cappuccino
- 3 pasta courses served with a glass of red wine
- Cuoppo: a Neapolitan-style fried street food
- Visit of a Limoncello´s factory
- Seafood salad served with a side dish and a glass of Falanghina white wine
- Mozzarella di Bufala, ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes tasting
- Limoncello and Meloncello tasting
- Home made ice cream (3-4 flavours)

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