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The street food of Catania is renowned not only for its unique flavours but also for its large variety. The itinerary offers the best of the city, from a gastronomic, historical and artistic point of view. All of this is crowned by our young guides who show passionately the historic beauty of Catania and reveal even the urban legends and folk tales which are hidden behind every monument. Most travellers think Sicilian food is the same all over the island, but Palermo and Catania have a very different heritage which has influenced their language and eating habits. Never ask for a “brioche” with ice cream in Catania, “Catanesi” only have it with granita (crushed ice flavoured with lemon, peach, coffee, etc.). Never mention horse meat in Palermo, “Palermitani” will walk away from you. But if you go to Catania, don´t miss out on a horse meat steak! The chefs are masters! There are a lot of differences between the cities´ food, but what you will always find is the welcoming spirit and the desire to show you our beautiful cities as they really are, also by keeping you away from tourist traps.

Itinerary: Piazza Duomo, Fish market of La Pescheria, Villa Pacini, Secret underground lava tunnel, Castello Ursino, Via dei Crociferi, Via Etnea

What´s included
- 3 hr licensed tour guide service
- Food samples: fish recipe of the day, deli foods (es. arancini, cipollina, siciliana), seasonal treat (fruit or other local specialty of the season), dessert (ricotta cake or granita & brioche)
- Drinks: 1 glass of beer or wine, Catanese seltz (fizzy fruit syrups)
- Souvenir: food passport

Please note: The itinerary runs through the narrow streets of the old town for a total length of 2 km and group tours do not cater for gluten free and vegetarian options. 

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