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Vinilia Wine Resort is the result of wise and careful renovation of an ancient mansion dating back to the early ´900, built on behalf of the aristocratic family Schiavone of Manduria, with origins between Rome and Manduria. The Roman designer of that building was inspired, in construction, to a neo-eclectic style typical of the Roman school of that period. The structure is, in fact, like an old manor house with tower and turrets, battlements, loopholes and decorations of monumental proportions and a main body that resembles a small medieval castle. In historical maps the building is always identified as "Casina Ciracì" although we don´t know the origins of the name.

The building was then supported by secondary structures, typically rural, with stables functions, deposits and outbuildings. An Italian garden adorned the rear part the manor on which overlooked the large terrace, to the south of the building. The presence of two large cisterns to collect rainwater, located in the vicinity of the main building is of great importance.

The property was later purchased by Lacaita / Parisi Family and was completely restored, saving it from a serious degradation to which it had been abandoned.

Of particular interest it is the internal staircase over 3 floors, built with rampant masonry vaults resting on small vaults. The project of restoration and recovery, has been preserved as much as possible the original wall structure, eliminating the various accretions, built over decades and bringing new life to the building.


Each room is unique and with an exclusive atmosphere. Into the various rooms the beds of tufa alternate with those in iron and wood made by local craftsmen. The style changes from more rigorous minimalism to the deco, according to a logic of irreverent and unusual combinations. In the Castle, in the maze of rooms, common spaces dedicated to leisure wind, to relax, to read, to the contemplation of the surrounding landscape of countryside, vineyards, small rural buildings.


The room, about 20 square meters is located on the side fence adjacent to the historic residence and is characterized by the typical star vault.


The five Superior Rooms, one of 33 sqm and the other of 36 square meters each other, are all located at the historic main house which resembles a small medieval castle.

Superior with private garden

Every room (25 sq.m.) is located on the external side of the ancient House. They are all characterized by the typical salentinian vault. Large and bright rooms are furnished with refinement and attention to details. Situated on the ground floor, they offer a lovely view on the large court.

Castle Deluxe

These rooms are all located in the central ancient House reminiscent of a small medieval castle. Spacious, comfortable and furnished with refinement and attention to details, the Superior rooms are elegantly decorated with the popular Grottaglie ceramics.

Other information

Here at Vinilia, wine is an inebriating experience.   From   the   atmosphere   of   the   Resort   to   the   restaurant’s   menu, it is pure, deep emotion, sheer  pleasure. Let the enchantment begin here  for  you,  where  Apulia’s  history  meets   the   authentic   tradition   of   wine-making.

Casamatta Restaurant (1 Michelin Star)

The Casamatta Restaurant is elegant, an  authentic  dining  experience  with  a   typically      Mediterranean   heart.      Chef Pietro Penna offers cuisine with character and passion. Raw materials from  the  Castle’s  vegetable  garden      and  local  artisan  products  feature  strongly    while    the    chef’s    French    techniques enhance the flavours. An  interesting  wine  list  takes  you  on  a  journey  round  the  world.  This  is  an  ideal  location  for  celebrating  special  occasions, events and weddings.  

The Vineyard

Vinilia Wine Resort is set in the land of the Primitivo grape of Manduria. Just a  few  kilometers  from  their  historic  mansion,    is    the    Lacaita    family’s    winery:   one   hundred   hectares   of   primitivo,  negroamaro  and  orchards  where you can experience the joys of a tasting of the finest vintages in the cool shade of the old pajaru, the trullo used  as  a  resting  place  for  farmers  to eat in. A visit to the cellar in an old masseria  or fortified farm, going back to the early  1800’s, is a fitting end to a  journey  of  emotions,  through  the  vineyards  and  gastronomic  products  typical of the Salento.

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