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An unforgettable 360° tour through the most famous mountains in the world! 

Day 1
Marmolada, at the feet of the Queen of the Dolomites - From Pozza di Fassa to Contrin valley

Length: 4/5 hours  
Difficulty: red

Take the cabin-lift to Buffaure (2060 m). From Buffaure it is possible to climb further still using the chair-lift to Col de Valvacin, or you can walk up the ski run to the crest. You will pass the Baita Cuz refuge. Now walk along the ridge behind the chair-lift terminal to the top of Sas de Adam to enjoy a marvellous panorama of the Fassa Dolomites. Keep on the ridge, now in descent, and then the path goes across to the Sela Brunéch pass at 2428 m. Get back onto the ridge above the chair-lift (path no. 613 bis) and proceed to the Sas de Roces. Here you will have to go round to the south on the side of the San Nicolò valley, and in certain places there is a metal safety cord. You will reach the grassy saddle above Sas Bianch and then there is a steep diagonal to the west side of the Varos ridge (path no. 613). Here there are fortifications left from WW1. Now the San Nicolò Pass (Pas de Sèn Nicolò) and the refuge (2338 m) are visible and you will be down in a few minutes. Later on you go down to Val de Contrin through path no. 608 in order to reach Rif. Contrin.

Day 2

The realm of Conturina - From Val Contrin to Fedaia

Length: 5/6 hours      
Difficulty: red

From the Contrin refuge, follow trail no. 608 uphill for about an hour to the San Nicolò pass and the refuge of the same name. From here, turn right into trail no. 613, which leads past Forcia Neigra, where in an exposed stretch there is a metal safety cord,  (as alternative you can follow path no. 613-bis from San Nicolò pass to Sela Brunéch, where in certain places there is a metal safety cord)) and then descend into the Ciampac depression, where the cableway can be taken to Alba di Canazei. From the lower cableway station, take trail no. 602. This joins with trail no. 605, which leads to the Fedaia pass. As an alternative you can descend the Val Contrin through path no. 602 and just before reaching the village of Alba (1517 m)  turn into path no. 605 in order to go to Pian Trevisan (1700 m) and afterwards to Passo Fedaia (2054 m).

Day 3

The Viel dal Pan - From Fedaia to Col Rodella

Length: 5/6 hours
Difficulty: red

From in front of the Marmolada E. Castiglioni refuge, take trail no. 601 which, in a long traverse among breathtaking scenery and at a constant altitude of around 2400 metres, leads to the Pordoi pass (2239 metres ASL). This section of the itinerary is called “Il Viel del Pan”, as it once was the preferred route for ambulant traders from the Val di Fassa to the Livinallongo Valley. Once at the Pordoi pass, a trip in the cableway to Sass Pordoi – the terrace of the Dolomites – is well worth your while, as it offers a complete 360° vista of all the main Dolomite peaks. After returning to the Pordoi pass by cableway, follow trail no. 627 to Pecol. From here, either go on to Canazei on the same path or take the cablecar. At Canazei, a walk along the river leads to Ischia a Campitello, with the base station of the cableway that leads to Col Rodella in just a few minutes.

Day 4

At the feet of Sassolungo Massif – From Col Rodella to Passo Principe

Length: 6/7 hours    
Difficulty: red

From Col Rodella, take trail no. 557-4, named “Friedrich August Weg” after the King of Saxony and botanical enthusiast. The trail follows an easy, relatively even path at the feet of the Grohmann and Innerkofler peaks, the Dente del Sassolungo and the Sasso Piatto, to then lead into the wide grassy saddle of the Giogo di Fassa, with the Sasso Piatto refuge. From here, the trail (4-594) continues along the Siusi crest over generally even terrain at the start of the ridge, and then onto the slope of the Val Duron to the pass of the same name. A number of saddles along the way also open spectacular vistas of the Alpe di Siusi and the Odle from the opposite slope. From the Duron pass, the trail no. 532 descends into the Val Duron to then turn right into trail no. 555, which leads to the Ciaregole pass (2282 metres ASL). Shortly after the pass, the path joins trail no. 580, which ascends to the right in steep curves towards the Dona pass (2516 metres ASL) and flanks the southern slope of the Cima di Dona to reach the Antermoia refuge (2497 metres ASL). This is the heart of the Val di Fassa Dolomites, dominated by the magnificent vista of the eastern wall of the Catinaccio d’Antermoia. From the Antermoia Refuge, trail no. 584 crosses the Antermoia Pass (2770 m ASL) to then flank the western slope of the Catinaccio d’Antermoia and reach the Principe pass and refuge (2597 m ASL). IMPORTANT NOTICE: THE ANTERMOIA LAKE – ANTERMOIA PASS AND PRINCIPE PASS ARE PARTIALLY SNOWCOVERED! KEEP ATTENTION AND WEAR GOOD MOUNTAIN SHOES!!

Day 5

The Soul of the Monti Pallidi - From Passo Principe to Gardeccia

Length: 4/5 hours    
Difficulty: red

From the Passo Principe refuge (2597 m) the itinerary continues south along trail no. 584 which, after an initial steep stretch, flattens into the Val del Vajolet, to reach the Vajolet and Preuss refuges (2245 m ASL), with a vista of the legendary Torri del Vajolet and the eastern wall of the Catinaccio. This is the heart of one of the best known Alpine climbing areas of all time, where the exploits of mountaineering pioneers such as Paul Preuss and Tita Piaz have become the stuff of legends. From here, the Re Alberto I refuge can be reached in about an hour along trail no. 542, to admire the southern slopes of the Torri del Vajolet. After returning to the Vajolet and Preuss refuges, along trail no. 546, the itinerary descends to the basin of Gardeccia.

Day 6

Towards the Roda de Vael – From Gardeccia to Costalunga Pass
Length: 4/5 hours    
Difficulty: red

From the Gardeccia depression, take trail no. 540 to Ciampedie, which offers a magnificent vista of the entire Vajolet valley. Continue past Prà Martin and follow the “Vial da le feide” (the sheep path) at the feet of the Cigolade, to reach the Buja de Vael and then descend to the Roda de Vael refuge (alternatively you can follow path no. 545 “Alta via dei fassani” which leads from Ciampedie to Roda de Vael). From here, trail no. 548 descends to the Costalunga pass. Alternatively, continue along trail no. 549 to the monument to Theodor Christomannos, who devised the “Dolomite Road: Bolzano, Cortina, Dobbiaco”, and then follow trail no. 539 to the Paolina refuge. From here, make your way down to the Costalunga pass either by chairlift or along trail no. 552. You can the return to Val di Fassa by the bus service SAD.

What´s included

  • 2 nights half board in hotel 3* or 4*
  • 5 nights half board in mountain chalet
  • 6 self guided trekking tours with detailed maps
  • 1 sleeping bag for the 5 mountain chalet overnights
  • Panorama Pass for skilifts and public transport

What´s not included

  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Anything not mentioned in the "What´s included" section


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